Felix Zeltner

Journalist and Entrepreneur
United States

Felix Zeltner is a journalist and entrepreneur, based in New York City. He is the founder & CEO of Remote Daily, co-author of “Stadtnomaden” and has received several awards for his journalistic work. He hosts the “Internet of Life Show”, presented by TMRW.

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Gabriel Tamez


Photographer and co-founder of storytelling studio Tonari Atlantic. He has a heart for classic cars, surfs to stay sane, and insists on red wine.

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Nathaniel Grigolla


Nathaniel devises impactful, innovative and insightful strategic solutions driven by an obsessive pursuit of results, relevancy, creativity and equity in messaging.

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Olivera Radic

Senior Marketing Manager

Olivera is a creative and strategic thinker, interested in emerging technologies, their potential in improving people’s lives, and their social and economic impact.

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Robin Raskin

Founder, The Virtual Events Group
New York, USA

Robin Raskin is a long-time journalist, book author and advocate for integrating technology into lifestyle. She was the editor of PC Magazine, founder of FamilyPC, and creator of Yahoo!Tech.

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